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Be Couplestrong

Helping you achieve the relationship you have always wanted.

Do you wish every day with your spouse felt like it did when you were dating? Are you wondering how to fix a broken marriage? Is marriage harder than you expected?  If you're looking for a pathway to a healthy marriage or how to overcome the challenges and trials of relationships, you're in the right place.  CoupleStrong is committed to helping couples worldwide achieve lasting and fulfilling relationships CoupleStrong Is A Way Of Life.  You may be an engaged couple wanting a good start to your marriage or a happily married couple who feels like there is still something more. Or, you might know your marriage needs help due to issues like infidelity or distrust. Wherever you are on the spectrum right now, we want to help you learn about and grow into the CoupleStrong way of life. 

We all seek a close intimate relationship with our partner, and at CoupleStrong we have built a lifestyle based on scientific research that enables couples to achieve that dream. We are a community that provides specific direction on how to achieve success with your partner.

We are a community of marriage and family therapists, couples, and friends who have come together to help couples realize the relationship of their dreams. We have compiled our professional knowledge, research, and personal experience to help couples achieve loving and successful relationships.

Our community has built an extensive resource library ranging from distrust and betrayal to miscommunication and other relationship issues. We can help you find fulfillment, trust, and happiness as a CoupleStrong Couple.

Start the journey to a true connection.  Make your marriage a priority today.  We invite you to explore the ways you can become CoupleStrong together.

Chris Cambas, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, Certified Gottman Therapist, Relationship Expert

Many couples' schedules do not allow for therapy on a weekly basis

Learn research-based tools for building and maintaining intimacy

Learn what it means to be Couplestrong at our world-renowned weekend workshop

Couplestrong workshops are based on 40,000 hours of face to face therapy with thousands of couples

Designed to help couples become informed on clinically proven methods to assist in all aspects of their relationships

Start your journey today. Become CoupleStrong.

It was once said, “we’re going to chase perfection, and chase it relentlessly knowing we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.”

That is the mission of Couplestrong.
To attain excellence in relationships on a global scale.

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