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CoupleStrong Online Workshops

"This is my journey for life, come what may."

- Chris Cambas, LMFT, Certified Gottman Therapist, Relationship Expert, and  CoupleStrong Co-Founder

We have developed three formats for online learning. The first is a recording of a live CoupleStrong workshop. The second is a 6 module workshop specifically designed for learning in the privacy of your home and is based on our live workshop curriculum. The third is live, interactive, video conferencing workshops that take place once a week for one and a half hours and last for 4 weeks. This format provides a Q&A format at specific times during the video conference.

CoupleStrong workshops are based on 45,000 hours of face-to-face therapy with thousands of couples. Our workshops will give you new insights and research-based skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you manage conflict in a healthy, positive way.

Our curriculum was developed by Chris Cambas and our CoupleStrong staff.  It's grounded on what works in happy and stable relationships.

Couples will learn how to enhance their friendship, transform conflicts into dialogues, deepen intimacy, and create shared meaning.

We also offer The Seven Principles Workshop for couples is a two-day marriage workshop based on the internationally acclaimed research of Dr. John Gottman as presented in his New York Times bestselling book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. This educational workshop has been offered across the US and internationally and has strengthened the relationships of tens of thousands of couples. It's designed to help couples improve their friendship and learn powerful communication and conflict management skills.

The workshop includes lectures, demonstrations, videos, and private couples exercises. The activities are fun, insightful, and informative. And there is no need to worry about sharing your personal problems in front of others… we don't do any group sharing at this workshop.

The seminar imparts in practical, applicable ways the findings of Dr. Gottman's four decades of research on the habits and patterns of couples. His scientific, longitudinal studies at the University of Washington are without peer in their study of over four thousand couples, measuring everything from the way couples talk to each other, to vital signs, to stress hormone levels, to conflict-recovery techniques.

Couple Testimonials

"Amazing workshop. I was a bit concerned at first that it would be a Zoom meeting but actually ended up liking this better than being in person. A lot of touchy subjects were discussed and being in our own home made it more comfortable to deal with them. The boxed set is beautiful! We have already put the cards to use and thoroughly enjoyed the activities provided by the workbook. Really a wonderful experience. My husband and I agree we would love to do another one of these in a couple of years. Five stars all around!!!"

- USAF Couple

"This may help save our marriage of 22 years. This was truly a GOD sent. Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. We are humbly grateful!"

- Fatima and Curtis

"Simply awesome material and application."

- Jennifer and Dave

"Great weekend!! Content allowed us to dig deeper as a couple. Thank you."

"Thankful to have had the opportunity to attend this course. Would love to attend more courses in the future. In the past couple of weeks, I've seen a shift in how we communicate with each other. If I say, "I'm feeling flooded," he understands what I mean and what I might need at that moment. I can easily ask, "Are you venting?" or "Can we pause?" and he understands my intent."

- Laura & Ethan August 31, 2020

We honestly did not expect much from a weekend group session but were so wrong. Not only were we able to identify with others with similar issues, but we gained tools to help us navigate through our marriage. So grateful for this opportunity.

I researched and reached out to numerous companies shortly after COVID and the stay-at-home order to plan a virtual marriage workshop. National Marriage Seminars rose to the top of my list immediately. Lori and Chris are responsive, flexible, and a joy to work with. A week prior to the event, each couple received a beautiful kit and a thorough email explaining how to log into the workshop and what to expect over the two-day workshop. During the workshop, Chris delivered the content with ease and was extremely knowledgeable. What I appreciated most about Chris, is this is not only his job but his passion. Throughout the course, Chris and Lori answered questions, stayed available during breaks, and worked after hours with a few couples to ensure they knew how to apply the lessons learned. After hosting numerous marriage retreats and workshops, this one was definitely the best I have seen. Lastly, I would highly recommend National Marriage Seminars to any couple, at any stage in their relationship.

-ANGELA N. CARTER, MSgt, USAF, Religious Affairs, Senior Enlisted Leader, Special Warfare Training Wing (SWTW)

Start your journey today.

Become CoupleStrong.

What is CoupleStrong?

"CoupleStrong" is a term used to describe a couple who share a strong and supportive bond with each other. They face challenges and obstacles together and are able to overcome them as a team. They communicate openly and honestly and are committed to each other's growth and well-being. They have a deep understanding and respect for each other's individuality, while also cherishing their shared experiences and building a life together. A couple who is "CoupleStrong" is able to weather the ups and downs of life with grace and resilience, and their love and connection only grows stronger with time.

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