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CoupleStrong Marriage Intensives

Chris Cambas, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Gottman Therapist & Trainer, Relationship Expert

Co-Founder of CoupleStrong & CEO of National Marriage Seminars & The Practice Startup

"I believe the most important goal in couples therapy is to seek understanding and do that with love and respect." - Chris Cambas, LMFT, Certified Gottman Therapist

Has there ever been a time when you felt like you were just getting warmed up when the therapist said, "Session is over, or we need to stop now until next week?" Most couples who come to us for marriage intensives have expressed similar frustration. Working on your marriage deserves the privilege of adequate time, space and focus. In order to get to the real matters of the heart and truly dig deep and obtain understanding, enough time must be available to explore the relationship, or progress is generally slow.

Many couples' schedules do not allow for therapy on a weekly basis. With this in mind, we have developed Intensives. A large body of research supports a better therapeutic outcome from Intensive Couples Therapy instead of weekly sessions.

The private intensives offer couples the time and space to work on their issues in a deep and understanding way without the time restraints of normal couples counseling.

Our Intensives last 11 - 16 hours. There are no other couples present, just you and your spouse. There are a variety of assessments used, as well as video playback of interactions in an effort for couples to see their relationship dynamics. Physiology is also measured via pulse oximeters in an effort to avoid "Flooding" or handle it in a productive way if it does occur.

Having 1.5 to 2 days blocked can be an incredibly satisfying experience. It allows enough time for deep relational issues to be addressed and potentially uncover viable solutions.

Marriage therapy is a process of change. The clients and the marriage therapist work together to uncover relational problems, examine existing patterns in the relationship, set goals for the changes the client's desire, and teach ways to achieve those goals effectively.

Whether your marriage is having difficulty or in need of a tune-up, our marriage intensives and retreats can help give you tools for dealing with relational issues that seem unbearable, unsolvable, and overwhelming. During the marriage intensive or retreat, we teach couples new ways of communicating designed to enhance their relationships. Couples then practice those skills in session and as part of their evening's homework. We look for relational challenges and teach ways to deal with them. This can help couples take things less personally and begin the process of truly understanding their spouse.


The private marriage intensive program provides you with a licensed marriage counselor. The couple will receive 11 or 16 hours of therapy depending on the intensive chosen. Since this program is working exclusively with you, we will make every effort to tailor the program to meet your needs.

Intensive Couples Couseling is recommended for couples experiencing a significant amount of distress in their marriage as well as those looking to enhance an already good relationship.

A marriage intensive is often used by 1) Couples who are in crisis and have specific issues they want to work through, 2) A follow-up for intensive alumni to work through specific issues as they move forward, 3) Couples who have just discovered trauma in their relationship, such as an affair, allowing them to gain traction and momentum so they can take the first couple of steps toward recovery and reconciliation, 4) Couples who are seeking to enhance an already great relationship.

To book a marriage intensive, please contact our office at 813-960-0001

Program Details:

    • One couple
    • 11 or 16 hours of private marriage therapy, depending on the format chosen
    • Breakfast and lunch
    • Marital Assessments
    • An extensive treatment plan for couples to follow after the intensive
    • (1) 2-hour follow-up appointment for the 11-hour intensive and (2) 2-hour follow-up appointments for the 16-hour intensive.


    • $2,100 for 11 hours, 50% due upon scheduling and 50% due on the first day of Intensive
    • $3,000 for 16 hours, 50% due upon scheduling and 50% due on the first day of Intensive

To book a marriage intensive please contact our office at


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What is CoupleStrong?

"CoupleStrong" is a term used to describe a couple who share a strong and supportive bond with each other. They face challenges and obstacles together and are able to overcome them as a team. They communicate openly and honestly and are committed to each other's growth and well-being. They have a deep understanding and respect for each other's individuality, while also cherishing their shared experiences and building a life together. A couple who is "CoupleStrong" is able to weather the ups and downs of life with grace and resilience, and their love and connection only grows stronger with time.

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