7 Sexts to Get You In The Mood

7 Sexts to Get You in the Mood

 You don’t have to wait until the day is through to initiate a good love fest. Studies show that foreplay in a relationship happens well before you make it to the bedroom (Gottman, Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, 2000). And although working on things like friendship, admiration and communication are all great ways to increase intimacy, seduction is just as important. If you feel like you want to spice up your love life, then try setting the stage by seducing your spouse with these 7 sexts that are sure to build to the momentum and excitement.


  1. I want you more today, now, in this very moment, than I’ve ever wanted you before.
  2. Just thinking about [insert last amazing love session here] makes me want to do it all over again…tonight.
  3. Kissing you is the most erotic thing.
  4. I am at your mercy tonight. Just ask and it will be granted.
  5. My favorite part of your body is [insert body part here], and I can’t wait to ravage it later.
  6. You get me excited all day, everyday. You have the most seductive effect on me.
  7. I want to please you in ways you never knew existed. Are you up for it?

 The benefits of sexting are mutually exclusive. Ever have one of those awful Mondays where you dread the commute, flooded inboxes and unproductive meetings? Give these a try and you and your significant other will have more fun at work…and eventually at home too. Make your lover’s head turn with these tantalizing messages and see where the night takes you.


April Eldemire is a Marriage and Family Therapist and couples expert in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. April works with couples that want to change their relationship for the better. You can find her at www.eldemirepractice.com or april@eldemirepractice.com.




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