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The Couplestrong Institute for Healthy Marriage is an exclusive network of licensed therapists. Our mission and values are to help couples and families throughout the world realize their full potential. In our quest to fulfill the Couplestrong mission each therapist in our network has been trained in cutting edge researched based couples therapy. 

For Couples in Crisis… You can still put the pieces back together

Right now, your situation may feel like two people, too far apart, with too much damage done to save the marriage. But before you and your spouse close the door forever, you owe it to yourselves and possibly your children to give saving this marriage one more try.

Marriage Intensives

Thousands of marriages, situations as complex and painful as yours, have been transformed with the help of professionals who understand where you are right now and care deeply about where you and your spouse wind up in the future. Marriage Intensives offered by therapists who subscribe to the Couplestrong Network are personalized, intimate programs for restoring individuals and rebuilding marriages. Their marriage intensives are more than couples counseling, more than a plan to stop divorce or a weekend away. Marriage Intensives are new beginnings, even for husbands and wives who think all hope is lost.

A Unique Environment

Customized programs take you away from distractions and routines and allow the two of you to escape to the tranquility of various getaways throughout the United States. The focused environment makes your complex situation feel simpler; enabling you to experience the serenity and space you need to focus on yourself … and on each other.

Marriage Conferences

The Couplestrong Therapist Network is excited to promote marriage conferences, workshops, seminars and retreats. Whether you are looking for your own marriage, a group of couples or maybe even your entire congregation, you’ll find a marriage enrichment event that is just right for you.

Remember how captivating it was when you first fell in love with your spouse? Every moment was special. As real life takes over, that memory can grow less vivid, and you might not feel like the center of their world as often. That’s where marriage conferences hosted by therapists who subscribe to Couplestrong come in.

Couplestrong promoted marriage conferences offer a time to be together as a couple to strengthen the foundation of your marriage. By getting away from the distractions of life, you can enhance your most important relationship and work toward building a wonderful and lasting future together.

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Enhancing and restoring marriages and families through ongoing couples seminars and clinical trainings.

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